Special Thanks

We would like to offer a huge thank you to the businesses that supported the film.  Please do not consider this a complete list yet.  I am slowly making sure I get all the information for everyone who helped us out and I will be updating the page as it gets organized:



The Washington Source for Lighting

NRV Extended Stay

Chang Hua

Patty’s Kitchen

Fatz Cafe

The Town of Pulaski

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office

Jordan’s Chapel United Methodist Church

Dan Leary and New River Valley Rent All

and many other area businesses that served our crew during the weekend of shooting.

There were also several individuals who really came through with favors and assistance:

John White

LeAnn Rogers

Mike Holcomb

Brian Weatherington

Betsy and Donny Ratliff

And of course, my entire family for the immense amount of help they gave me over the weekend.  Every single one of them came through with a huge favor before the weekend was up, and I can’t thank them enough. I wouldn’t have even thought I could achieve this dream without their support and love over the years, and I never could have made this film without them.


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