Articles listed in reverse chronological order. Catching Up Preview by Joe Flood (February 23, 2011): “It’s based on a real story. Goes to show that truth is stranger than fiction.”

The Roanoke Times: Pulaski Movie Filming Wraps Up by Amy Matzke-Fawcett (November 24, 2010): “Although it made for some long days, Ratliff said filming is an experience she enjoys.

‘It drives you crazy and you can’t stand it while you’re doing it, but when it’s done you can’t wait to do it again,’ she said.

The Roanoke Times: Film Brings Pulaski Native Home by Amy Matzke-Fawcett (November 18, 2010): “Because the film is centered on Pulaski and her family, it was important to Ratliff, 31, that the movie be shot in Pulaski, she said.

The audience doesn’t relate to a movie if the set doesn’t look real, or there are continuity problems, she said.

‘I don’t think I could fake Pulaski in Northern Virginia,’ she said. ‘It’s a place that’s so distinct in my mind.’

Photo by Matt Gentry, Roanoke Times

The Pulaski County Patriot: Ratliff Returns to Film Hometown Drama by Linda Williams (November 12, 2010):  “Inspired by actual events, Ratliff maintains, ‘The beauty and the character of the location is as important to the story as the script.  It is very important to me that I make this film in my hometown, where it takes place.'”

The Southwest Times: Hometown Girl Brings Film Back to Its Roots by Jenna Nichols (October 13, 2010): “Her decision to film in Pulaski County was not a hard one. To Ratliff it seemed like the only option. ‘Once I started looking at what I had written, there was so much that was important to here,’ said Ratliff.”

TBD.COM: Ryan Kearney’s Picks Oct. 11-17 by Ryan Kearney (October 11, 2010): “The winner gets $1,000 on the spot, plus another $1,000 when his or her film is completed, so vote wisely. Or just vote for Kelli Herod of Arlington or Mary Ratliff of Reston, since we need to support our local filmmakers in any way we can. Whatever you do, please don’t abstain. No one likes a conscientious objector.”

TBD.COM: Two Local Screenwriters Make Finals of DC Shorts Competition by Ryan Kearney (August 24, 2010):

“The film, she says, is about how ‘the choices that you make today have consequences that you never see.’ Filming will begin a week or two after the competition — even if she doesn’t win — and she plans to submit it to next year’s DC Shorts. ‘We’re full steam ahead,’ she says. ‘We’re not even going to pause.'”

Please direct any media inquiries to ninehourfilms at gmail dot com.  Thank you!


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