American Visions Awards

Last night was a wonderful night both for Catching Up and for our crew.  We knew that we had an award winning script on our hands, but now we can say we have an award winning film.  It was a complete and utter shock to me to win the Outstanding Thesis category, because I knew the competition was amazingly strong.  The only downside of the moment was that my good friend Mariana’s amazing documentary “The Loudest Show On Earth” was also nominated in my category, and we knew only one of us could win.  I’ve seen Mariana’s film, and it is phenomenal.

But the best thing about the night was seeing so many of my friends and colleagues cross the stage.  Crew members of Catching Up accounted for four other awards last night.  Vanessa Bradchulis, our amazing casting director, won the ASMP Award for Photography as well as Outstanding Single Image.   The latter she shared with Silvio Carrillo, who was Best Boy for our film and took many of the amazing production stills that we have.  Of course, our 1st A.D. Jason Fraley also won Outstanding Short Screenplay for his script Liberty Road.

I was also happy to see my friends Ellen Tripler, Brad Allgood, Katelyn Morey, Dave Joyce, Anthony Brenneman, Meghan Kotlanger and Teighe Thoreson win various awards for their work.  They’re all talented people that I’ve worked with on various films and projects during my time at AU and I’m proud of them.

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