My own “Thoughts from Home”

Today I was watching a video by one of my favorite YouTube bloggers, where he goes through a quick tour of the more memorable places in his hometown:

Several years ago, I actually went on a drive with my mom to take photos of a lot of those types of places for me.  But I realized while watching that Catching Up was also a video memory of sorts because I naturally gravitated towards locations that were significant to my life.

Throughout the course of the film, we see:

-Main Street, across from the Pulaski County Courthouse.  We actually set up our camera cart and filmed just outside of a now closed shop where I worked for the summer after my freshman year of college.

The Pulaski Theatre, where I saw my first movie.  It’s also where I saw E.T. for the first time (well, the first twelve times if I’m being honest) and where I learned to truly love cinema.  It’s newly restored and re-opened and I couldn’t be happier.

-The hill near 6th Street Park where I practice pulling out on an incline in a stick shift.  That’s also where my two best friends and I went walking after a snow storm to go play in the park in the snow, a fond memory for all three of us.  Incidentally, I also lived just a block away from there in 2005, just before I got married and moved to Northern Virginia.

-Loving Field, another place where I learned how to drive.  My brother took me out there to practice with his truck not long after I got my learner’s permit.  In the film, that’s where Suzanne finds herself stranded after her truck breaks down.

-We filmed the car interiors on the road outside Jordan’s Chapel, my church.

-The house I grew up in is also seen in the film.  It was pretty weird to explain all the lights and excitement to the neighbors.

-And of course, there’s the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the jail itself, where half of the story takes place.  The film is pretty much about how significant the building was to my life.  Not only did I go there to visit my dad, but we would watch parades from either the parking lot or the roof (depending on if we wanted to catch candy or not).  When I was a reporter, I would drive there every day to find out if there were any stories for that day’s paper.

There are a lot more locations in Pulaski that are significant to me, many of which I couldn’t include in the film.  I could probably make an entire short just at PCHS.  But this is certainly a film that is rooted in my own experiences growing up.

We’re actually almost done with it, I can’t wait to start to show it to people.  But until then, enjoy the trailer one more time!

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