DC Film Salon and new article

First off, many thanks to Joe Flood for posting our trailer on his website, joeflood.com.

Last night I also attended at talk with the DC Film Salon (presented by the DC Film Alliance) about Film Festival Submission Tips and Strategies.  The panelists represented three local festivals, DC Shorts (where our script was a finalist last year), the Rosebud Film Festival, and the DC Independent Film Festival.

The panel was really phenomenal because it helped me to start solidifying the goals that we have for the future of Catching Up.  We’re are in the middle of formulating our film festival plan, so it was the perfect timing for this kind of talk.

Everything is looking up, don’t forget to check out our trailer and leave a comment letting us know what you think!

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1 Response to DC Film Salon and new article

  1. Jan says:

    Congrats on the trailer. I really like the music and the way you cut it. Great job. Sounds like all is going well. So glad to see progress.

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