What’s Next? Catching Up in 2011

So, it’s the last year of one of the most momentous years of my life.  It’s been a completely crazy year, and I can’t believe everything that I got done.  Last spring, I won the first award for Catching Up and had my first reading at the DC Film Salon.  I completed a major rewrite of my feature script Pictures of Egypt.  I was the script supervisor for an amazing short called Man With a Bolex Movie Camera, and I worked in various capacities on industrial films in the DC area.

I also worked non-stop for several months as a member of the crew for Stage Fright, a ten episode web series that we wrote and shot in a single semester.  I co-wrote the final three episodes (with the wonderful Jason Fraley), as well as working as the production designer and script supervisor.

I started the summer with a bang by directing a short film, Extraction.  I turned 30, I took summer classes, I won the AU Filmmaking Grant, and I fundraised my heart out to try to get Catching Up made.  I was a finalist in DC Shorts, which I didn’t win but I didn’t let that stop me.

And of course, there’s that little thing where I directed Catching Up, shot on location in Southern Virginia on 16mm film stock.  That’s of course, my greatest accomplishment of this year.

So how in the world do you follow all of that up?  Well, I certainly have some pretty amazing plans in the new year.

-We have a new website for my production company, Nine Hour Films, in the works from Creastra.  It’s going to have a lot of great features, and this blog will finally be something that looks as pretty and works as well as I’ve always wanted it to.  It’s going to become the perfect hub to follow not just Catching Up, but all of my projects.

-I have already passed on the footage for the film to my editor, Banu Debre, and her assistant editor, Colin Foster.  The two of them predict that there will be not just a rough cut of the film in January, but also a trailer for you all to enjoy.

-There’s also the rest of post production!  Along with color correction, I’m going to start on a quest for music for the film.

-Of course, there is also festival submissions.  In January I’ll be working in more detail to build up a plan for submissions and screenings.

-I’m going to start the educational outreach portion of my plan for Catching Up.  The film, at it’s heart, is about more than just prison and I want it to make a difference.  I’ll start looking for organizations that might want to work us to spread it’s message and any other way that I can get it out to the world.

-Of course, we aren’t done with fundraising yet!  We still need several thousand more dollars to cover the cost of post-production and make sure the film looks and sounds as good as it possibly can.  You can find out more about donating here, and I really hope that you can help.  I’d like to start the New Year with this film in the black instead of the red!

There’s a lot of work left to do on this film, but we’re going to keep working as hard as we can to get it all done and done well.  I’ve got a new favorite quote that I’m using as my inspiration in the new year, from pro-gamer Greg Fields: “Hard work compensates for anything, and you can’t be good without working hard.”

So that’s what we’re going to do, and I can’t wait.

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