Season of Thanks: Everyone

When I started the Season of Thanks, I honestly didn’t think I’d manage 31 posts of thank you’s.  Last week I realized that I was going to run out of days before I ran out of people to thank.  I combined quite a few but I still managed to run out of time.

So thank you to everyone.  Every person who donated any money to the film, every crew member who gave me their time and talent, every cast member, every friend, every loved one, every business, every stranger who listened to me talk about the story, every person who attended either of our readings, every reader of this blog, every fan on Facebook, every follower on Twitter.

All of you are the reason that this film exists, and the reason that it’s going to be so amazing.

There are a few people that I would still like to name specifically:

Cody Gallo, 2nd AD.

Katie Neff (pictured), our 2nd AC.

Annie Coburn, production manager and donor.

Nicole Neely played May.

Darren Van Dyke and Taylor Copenhaver played inmates.

Mike Holcomb lent us his car trailer for the night shoot.

Andrea Teague, my friend who always let me know when a new article had been published since I wasn’t in town to see them immediately.

Jeanne Bowerman (@jeannevb) read an early draft of the script and sent me notes.

Tac Tacelosky, a donor who also let us use his audition software during our DC auditions.

Donors Marcella Selbach, Tom Vaughn, Araven, and Jennifer Knight.

I know that I’m forgetting people.  Probably entire swaths of supporters and fans.  If you think of somebody I haven’t named, then by all means say something and I’ll add them to this list and the main page of special thanks.

But really, just generally and completely, thank you to everyone, for everything.

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One Response to Season of Thanks: Everyone

  1. You are very welcome! I’m honored to be a part of your circle of help.
    Happy New Year! xo

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