Season of Thanks: My Friends

When you have something that is as important to you as this film is to me, you start to really see how wonderful your friends really are.  I had so many people come through for me in a huge way, from donations, to working on set, to spreading the word about the film.

I would love to thank each and every person with an individual post, but wow am I out of days for this project.  So here’s a select few amazing people:

Cindi Weatherington: Cindi has been my best friend for sixteen years, so she’s had plenty of time to raise the bar when it comes to being the most awesome friend ever.  She’s always been one of my top supporters as a filmmaker, she’ll show up to any set I need her on to do any task I need (well, within reason), and I think she posted the link to my fundraising campaign more than I did.  She donated her time, her money, and her support in spades over the course of the last year.  She also was a great go-to person so that I could just say, “I need this…” and she’d help me figure out a way to get it.

James Dunson: I’ve known James since I first attended Technicon many years ago.  I first contacted him to help me out with securing walkie talkies for the crew, because I’d seen how difficult a set can be when you’re trying to work in a large area without reliable communication.  He not only showed up with the walkie talkies, but also went in and made a list for me of things I might need that he could provide.  He came in with a van load of supplies, many of which we ended up employing before the end of the shoot.  Throughout the day on the shoot, I would mention a particular issue I was trying to work out for the next day and he would start thinking of solutions, and in the case of the fog machine implementing the solutions in a phenomenal manner.  He also made sure that I ate, that my crew had enough hand warmers for our night shoot, and on and on.  I can’t even begin to list all the things that he did for us.

Daniel and Rebecca Gow: I’ve known the two of them for a few years now, when we met at a write-in for National Novel Writing Month.  They both supported the film not just financially, but also by helping me out with anything and everything I could have needed over the last few months.  On a personal level, they’ve worked hard to save my sanity on many occasions and listened to me gripe to no end.

Brian Weatherington, who loaned us his truck to serve as Suzanne’s broken down vehicle.

LeAnn Rogers, who helped orchestrate some of our food and has been a fantastic supporter.

Katy Colbourn and Jessica Musgrave, who helped promote the film through a partnership with their Etsy shop.

And of course, the friends who helped financially by donating to the project.  I am eternally grateful to all of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart:

Nicole Hutchison, Steph Waechter, Holly King, Jessica Lynch, Annie Coburn, Alasdair Wilkins, Gisele Feijo, Kelly Parker, Kristin Pitt, Stephen Ratliff, Daphne Lao, Antoinette Fisher, Jacob Richards, Heather Russell, and Matt Grubb.

Thanks again everyone.

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Truesdell

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