Season of Thanks: The G&E Crew

You can have a fantastic camera crew, a really amazing script, and the best cast you could possibly hope for, and if nobody can see an image on the film then there was no point in making the movie.

People talk about how film sets are a lot of “hurry up and wait.”  That’s true for some people, the cast, segments of the art department (depending on the day), etc.  Even the director gets some down time while everything is getting set up for the next shot.

But the people involved with setting up for that next shot don’t get to stop and wait.  There are two groups that don’t get to do a lot of standing around, the camera crew and the G&E crew.

G&E stands for “grip and electric” and they’re the guys that make sure everything is lit beautifully.  They’ve got a hard job, and it’s constant.  Usually when you’re shooting one location they’re at the next one setting up.  They’re always getting harassed to work faster and told to pick up the pace, when they’re already usually working faster than anybody else around.

My G&E crew worked miracles.  Drew Louis, our gaffer, did an amazing job.  Every frame looks gorgeous because of his skills.

He had help from an amazing crew:

Silvio Carillo, who also took some of the beautiful set photos we’ve been sharing with you.

Colin Foster, who suffered for his assistance with a broken toe AND has stepped up as our assistant editor.

Jeremiah Horan, who was always willing and able to help with whatever needed doing.  They all traveled long hours late at night to get to set, and went above and beyond what we needed.

We also had Matthew Pickett, who read about the shoot in the local paper and contacted me to come out and help.  It was great to have that extra set of hands and we really appreciated his assistance.

I owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude.  Just wait until you guys see the footage, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Neff

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