Season of Thanks: my family


I would not have half the good things in my life if my family wasn’t so wonderful. They came together for me in a big way when it came time to make this film.

My dad, of course, was the inspiration for the movie. I wrote it after spending an hour on the phone with him talking about his memories of working at the jail. He also gave me his  old badge when I had my first reading, and it has served as my good luck charm ever since.

My mom was the best set mom ever. In the week before we started shooting, she helped me get food together, organize what I needed, and basically was my go to person for anything and everything. She came to set on Friday when we were working at the jail, and she has been my biggest cheerleader.

My brother saved all of our car scenes on Saturday night by picking up the car trailer, and towing it behind his truck. It wasn’t an easy job, since he had to drive in circles at a specific speed towing a car with a camera and a crew member mounted on it. Plus the cab and truck bed full of crew members. Not to mention all the work that went into securing the car and the crew.

My sister helped my mom feed us, helped me organize and spread the word about the project. She also opened up her home and guest room for crew members both at the casting and during the shoot.

My in-laws came through at the last second by providing the car that we used for Tom’s car.

From helping me find props and wardrobe to feeding everybody, my family came through for me on every level and I am eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Truesdell

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