Season of Thanks: The Washington Source for Lighting

If you haven’t seen a real film set before, it’s hard to imagine exactly how much equipment is involved.  It’s easy to think “oh, it’ll just be a couple people with a little camera and maybe a light or two.”

 Of course, “Catching Up” was nowhere near the size of a feature and especially not like a major Hollywood production.  But in order to do what we needed for the film, we needed a lot of gear.  You have to get lights, stands to put the lights on, cords to plug the lights up, a generator to power the lights, etc.  And when I say lights, I mean a LOT of lights.  Then you have to get it from point A to point B.

 We chose to rent our equipment from a DC area company, Washington Source for Lighting.  We got a lot of help from them, specifically from Maurianne, who handled our order.  Renting all the equipment that you need for a film, no matter the length, is always a stressful process.  But Source made everything less stressful at a price that we could afford. 

Photo Courtesy of Silvio Carillo

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