Season of Thanks: The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

I first approached Sheriff Davis about my film this summer, when I still didn’t have a solid filming schedule. I knew that with the script I had written there was no way that I could make this film without their help. Thankfully, they were willing and able to give us what we needed to get this film off the ground.

One of the biggest hurdles I had with my script was getting people to understand the exact nature of the jail where my father worked. Their vision of incarceration is largely built on the media depictions of prison systems with their huge populations. But the jail I remembered, where we were given permission to shoot, was built in the 1950’s and had only three floors. Maximum security it certainly wasn’t, and the idea of a little girl being inside those walls is much easier to fathom.

I probably would not have been able to find any other location that would have conveyed the setting that I had written. By returning to the actual setting for the real life events, we were given a great oppurtunity for authenticity.

The Sheriff’s Office was really a fantastic help to us, no matter what particular challenge we were facing at that moment. There is no way this film would have happened without their cooperation and support.

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth McAuley

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