Season of Thanks: The Press

I apologize in advance for rolling three great organizations into one post, but I realize I actually might run out of days before I run out of people to thank so I might have to combine a few.

One of the biggest hurdles any film project has to jump is just getting attention.  As a filmmaker, sometimes you feel like you’re screaming on top of a mountain but nobody is looking your way.  You know you have an amazing story, and a fabulous cast and crew.  But if nobody else knows about your movie, then what are you doing?  Not to mention that it takes a huge amount of support just to get a movie made.  I mean, look at all these posts this month!  Each of these organizations and individuals was a vital part of the process for making my film a reality.

That’s why every single time the press mentions you or your project, it’s a huge victory.  So imagine how wonderful it was for me to see how much the local press for Pulaski wanted to help.

I’ve put together a press page for the site so you can go to the individual stories.  But I also wanted to individually thank everyone as well.

First, Amy Matzke-Fawcett and Matt Gentry at the New River Current (part of the Roanoke Times), who talked to me before filming and then also visited the set.  Amy also talked to some of our cast, so her articles have some great perspectives in them other than just my own.  I also can’t say enough good things about Matt as a photographer.  You should check out his photo of our young star, Logan Truesdell, in the second article.

Linda Williams of the Pulaski County Patriot, in true small town fashion, has known me since I was very young.  It was fantastic to be able to talk with her for their story on the film.  The story came out just prior to our meeting with Pulaski Town Council, and was brought up during the discussion so I got to see first hand how helpful it was.

In another lifetime, I worked at The Southwest Times.  So it was a bit strange to walk into their offices to talk with Jenna Nichols back in October.  Sitting in the conference room to talk about my film instead of discussing the week’s upcoming stories was certainly different.  Jenna and I talked about my childhood in Pulaski, my journey as a filmmaker, and even my advice for young filmmakers for her article.

I am very grateful to each of these wonderful reporters for the stories they’ve written about the film.  I hope to be contacting them again when the film is finished to tell them about more great news.


Photo courtesy of Matt Gentry and The Roanoke Times

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