Season of Thanks: Kodak

There are a few companies that I’m extremely loyal to.  When it comes to film, Kodak is one of them.  They will always be the place I check first when it comes to film stock.

We approached Kodak for help with the project because we knew that we wanted to use their products, but we also knew that with the shooting ratio we were working with, it was going to be quite a hit on our budget.  We shot at a higher ratio than most film projects, partially because of the complicated setups we were doing (fog machines rarely work on cue, and mother nature certainly doesn’t).

Kodak was nice enough to provide us with some film stock on top of what we ordered at their educational discount, and so we were able to use high quality products for the entire 3,400 feet of film that we shot.  While I think Jon intentionally let me have a small panic attack that we were running out of film on the last day, we still got through everything we needed to shoot, and we couldn’t have done that without their help.

Photo by Daniel Lerch

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