Season of Thanks: Jason Wicksell

Last winter, I was talking with a professor about a different project we were working on.  She said that one of the first things that identifies a film as a “student film” is bad art direction.

She was, of course, completely correct.  Art direction is one of those things that most students only think of in an abstract sense, and that they end up cutting away and forgetting about in the rush to get things done and afford everything.

I didn’t want that to happen, especially considering the fact that I had to deal with such a distinct location as the county jail.

I had worked on two other projects that Jason had worked on, both feature films.  He came on board a few weeks before the shoot and brought with him a large amount of props and set dressing that really made the location shine.  The sergeant’s office started as an empty room that hadn’t been used in over a decade, and by the time he was done it looked perfect.  He also spent a lot of time making an old cell block look like it was in use.

Jason was an invaluable part of the process, and he single handedly elevated the production quality of our film.  I’m so thankful that he liked the script enough to want to take part.


Photo courtesy of Katie Neff

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