Season of Thanks: Jason Fraley

I met Jason Fraley in a screenwriting class my first year at American University.  At the time most of what I knew about him was that the script he was working on was one of my absolute favorites, and that I still think it’s one of the best scripts I’ve read in the last five years.

The next year, I worked as a script supervisor on a film he was co-directing.  But it was shortly after that when the two of us were thrown into the frantic and crazed production of the webseries Stage Fright that I saw just how well Jason worked as a 1st AD, on top of his skills as a writer and director.  Jason also helped me out as the 1st A.D. on my film “Extraction,” and I knew from the beginning that there was no one I would rather have in the job than Jason when it came time to film “Catching Up.”

The logistics for our shoot were difficult at best, and the schedule got pretty complicated for such a short film.  But Jason took it all in stride, and even stepped up at the last second to drive the grip truck.  He kept me more organized than I would have been on my own, and generally saved my brain about thirty times a day.

There’s still no one I’d rather have as my 1st A.D.

Photo courtesy of Katie Neff

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