Season of Thanks: Patty’s Kitchen

When I was at Hollins studying film for the first time, a working filmmaker came in to talk to our class about lighting.  But he started the talk by telling us he was about to tell us the golden rule of filmmaking.

We all got quiet and listened, and he told us something that I have never forgotten: “Always feed your crew. And get them good food.”

He went on to tell us many things about three point lighting and other stuff that was more his expertise, but he was completely right about the food.  From a crew member’s perspective, I’ve been on many a shoot where I’ve been getting grumpy or generally feeling unhappy but when lunch rolled around and they got me something delicious to eat, I’ve been feeling much better again.

Getting the food together for a shoot is never an easy task.  But I knew that the people of Pulaski County wouldn’t let me down.  Patty’s Kitchen, which is located in Dublin, fed us on the second day of shooting.  That night was a pretty epic adventure, since it was our overnight shoot and we had to get all of the driving footage.  I’m not going to lie to you and say we had a great break and sat down to all eat good food and recharge.  I’m pretty sure that there was no formal lunch break that day, because of the challenges we faced.  But we had plenty of good pizza, because Patty came through for us and helped us out.  I know the couple slices of cheese pizza I managed to grab were a very welcome meal.

You can find them on Broad Street in Dublin, or give them a call at (540) 674-4952.  They deliver.

Photo Courtesy of Drew Louis

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