Season of Thanks: Panavision

When I chose to make Catching Up on 16mm film, I knew that the camera was going to be a problem.  You see, our school has a 16mm camera but only one.  Along with the fact that people might also be vying for it on the same weekend, there’s the fact that it gets passed around a lot and to be quite frank, people aren’t always gentle with it.

We also knew that the school’s camera had no camera package to speak of, no lenses or really any accessories.  So Malis encouraged me to try for the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant, which helps provide an entire camera package to emerging filmmakers like ourselves.  I sent out our application, and was put in touch with the wonderful people at Panavision New York.

They were a dream to work with, and while I was hoping just for a camera and a set of prime lenses the grant provided a camera package that was better than I could have dreamed of.  There were twenty cases of equipment, everything we could need to make the film look absolutely beautiful.  Even a zoom lens so that we could do a really fun dolly shot in the jail (wait until you see it).

Panavision’s assistance on this project resulted in a huge jump in the quality of the film.  We can’t thank them enough.

Photo by Jon Malis

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