Season of Thanks: Fotokem

Jon spent a lot of time researching what lab we were going to send our film to for developing and processing.  The company that you pick to handle your film is so vital to the process.  One day I’ll come up with a proper analogy for it, but imagine that you spend thousands of dollars and months of your energy on something, only to have somebody screw it up the second that it leaves your hands.

When you send your footage off to the lab, you’re sending off the only physical evidence of the hard work, effort, and money that you’ve just spent.  You’re trusting them with everything, and there are several steps in the process where it might go wrong.  I have no idea how big budget filmmakers can handle it, I’d be having panic attacks every hour.

When Jon chose Fotokem for our processing, it was because not only did they have the reputation and the history to make us feel at ease, but they also weren’t going to make us sell a kidney to pay for it.  The turnaround on the processing was fast, and we got our box in the mail today.  I’ve looked over the footage, and everything is great.  I can’t wait to start showing it to you.

That said, I know you might be thinking “well, if you have your footage back, you’re budget is done, right?” Well, in a word, no.  Not only do we still have to pay off the bill from Fotokem, but we also are going to need other post-production services.  To get these things done properly, that costs money.  To make this the best film that it can be, we still need more funds.  I hate to say that, but it’s just the simple fact of the matter.  That picture represents several thousand dollars worth of budget, even though we got a really great price.  And that bill has to be paid, even before we think about color correction or sound mixing.

So please, visit our IndieGoGo campaign, and be the first person to help us with our finishing fund.  There are dozens of people involved in the making of this film, and by donating you’re helping make all their efforts worthwhile by helping make a fantastic film.

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