Season of Thanks: Autumn Moran

I’ve already told you about Jon Malis and how instrumental he was to getting the film  made.  Well, the thing is if I talk about all the contributions that Jon made I have to  say that Autumn, his 1st AC, deserves an awful lot of shared credit.  Autumn went to  New York with Jon to pick up the camera equipment (and kept me informed via text  about the status of everything as they went).  She was always ready with the items that  Jon needed, and well, let’s just say that when it came time to operate the camera on  day two she went above and beyond the call of duty.

Autumn helped me understand a lot of the things that I was spending my money on,  and helped me keep control of the budget as well.  She put up with a lot of stupid  questions from the director and even the frantic call when our camera expendables  order hadn’t arrived by the projected date (plus quite a lot of other frantic calls that  probably are best left unmentioned).

Having a great cinematographer is absolutely vital to shoot a good film.  But the thing  most people don’t know is that even a good cinema

tographer has to be backed up by a great camera crew to give you the best results.  Autumn definitely made the entire camera department better.


Photo by Silvio Carillo

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