A Season of Thanks: Chang Hua

I’ve been eating at Chang Hua probably since they opened.  One of my greatest laments about being so far from home is that there is NOTHING in Northern Virginia that is comparable to my favorite Chinese food restaurant.

See, this is the thing about Chang Hua that is so fantastic: not only is the food AMAZINGLY good, but their lunch specials are so much food at so low a price that you absolutely cannot beat them.  I’m not kidding when I say you can’t eat this much food at McDonald’s at those prices.  I ate there probably once a week when I was first out of college and trying to pay off student loans and pay rent for the first time in my life.

Their beef and broccoli is what I hold other restaurants to as a standard.  I still haven’t found one here that quite measures up.  So when I knew I was going to be feeding a large crew of about 20 people and I wanted to make sure they had delicious food at a good price, the very first place I put on my list was Chang Hua.

They worked with us not just to provide a large amount of delicious food, but they did it at a great price.  That lunch on the first day was a great break from our long day, and everybody enjoyed it.  Food makes a set move, and it keeps the crew motivated.  It’s the first rule of filmmaking to feed people well, and we got a great start thanks to the wonderful people at Chang Hua.

You can find them on Memorial Drive in Pulaski, or call them at (540) 980-6363.  You should get lunch there tomorrow if you’re close by.

photo courtesy of Pulaskitown.org

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