Season of Thanks: Jan Sanders

One thing that you might not know about me is that I’m also a script  supervisor.  It’s actually a job that I love doing, and what I do when  I’m not directing or writing (which is often, this is film after all).

The only reason that I am any good at all at script supervising is  because I learned from the absolute best, Jan Sanders.  We met on  Below the Beltway, where I was working as a set costumer.  Since our  jobs were intertwined, I started to learn more about what she did.  Jan  quickly took me under her wing and became the best mentor I ever  could have asked for.  The things she’s taught me haven’t just made me  a better script supervisor but also a better writer and director.  No  matter where I am on set, a good number of my skills come from the training and advice that she’s given me.

When I realized I needed to bring on a script supervisor for Catching Up, since I couldn’t do it myself, my first thought was to ask Jan.  But I was certain that it wouldn’t be possible to get somebody so experienced and fabulous.  Of course, I was wrong.  Jan signed on immediately, and was one of my greatest assets on set.  A script supervisor can be a director’s best friend, and save them from themselves every few minutes.  She definitely did that.  Because we were shooting on 16mm, the notes for the editor were that much more vital, but Jan was on top of them every second.  The editing process is going to be smoother and more enjoyable because she was on hand to be mindful of post-production concerns.  I can’t say enough good things about her.

Jan delivered the edit bible to me yesterday at a screening of Below the Beltway, and I passed it straight on to my editor that was also in attendance.  Post production will be upon us the second the film gets back from the lab.


Photo by Danny Lerch.

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