Season of Thanks: John White and the Town of Pulaski

For the second in my series of posts about the people who made the  film possible, I’d like to thank one of our largest supporters, both in  the sense of how much they helped and in actual size!

The Town of Pulaski, specifically Town Council, welcomed me to one  of their meetings and agreed to help us fund part of our lodging costs  for the film, as well as offering us any logistical help that we might  need.  The members of the council had some great things to say about  the project and its potential to help show off my hometown.  The  funding they provided meant that our crew had actual beds to sleep  on, rather than trying to cram onto air mattresses and into sleeping  bags.

I also want to throw out a specific thank you to John White, the Economic Development Director for Pulaski.  John not only was instrumental in securing our lodging, in helping at the council meeting, and in bringing even more support and attention to the project but he also came through with personal support whenever we needed it.

As filmmakers in a metropolitan area, a lot of us can get used to the idea of municipalities fighting our efforts and creating scores of red tape for us to sift through.  But Pulaski was a breath of fresh air, and everyone I came across had nothing but good things to say and great things to offer.

If you’re looking for a small town for a filmmaking project, it is a great place to check out.  You can visit their website for more information and images of the scenery there.  Between the Blue Ridge Mountains, the New River Trail, and historic Calfee Park (where the Pulaski Mariners play) there are a ton of fantastic locations that you can choose from.

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2 Responses to Season of Thanks: John White and the Town of Pulaski

  1. Daniel W. Ring says:

    Is this Pulaski Va.?

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