A Season of Thanks: Jon Malis

I’ve decided that every day in December I’m going to make a post  highlighting at least one business or individual who has been  instrumental in making this film possible.

The obvious person to start with is also the person that I would  declare the MVP of the whole process, my cinematographer and  associate producer Jon Malis.

Jon came on board with the project back in April, when I was only  just getting started.  He was the first person to commit to the project,  before I was even sure if it was possible.  From the beginning he  became a sounding board for me to bounce ideas off of, and became  instrumental in helping me solve logistical challenges.

I had come across the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant before, but it was at Jon’s urging that I applied for it.  Jon also really came through and saved us on multiple occasions when it came to everything involved with the camera equipment.  I knew from the moment that I asked him to DP for me that I could rely on him, and he proved time and time again that it was true.  I not only can confidently say that the level of equipment we had to work with was because of Jon’s expertise, but I can also say that we were able to use that equipment to our best advantage.  He was able to understand what I wanted and turn my creative director mumbo jumbo and into the right instructions for our camera team.  He was, in short, the perfect partner for me to have on this project.

Jon also took point on finding a lab to handle our film, and yesterday he let me know that the footage has been shipped off to be developed and processed.

He spent a lot of time making sure that we found a lab that was both reputable and was able to give us a great deal.  Because of that work, we are going to be able to spend less on our post process.  But we still are not going to be able to complete the film without help from people like you.  We’re still fundraising to try to cover that great deal on processing, so please visit our IndieGoGo page and give a little to help us make all of Jon’s hard work worthwhile.

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