One day down: a set report

We started at six a.m. this morning, a convoy arriving on main street before the sun. Everybody got to work right away, and we were up and rolling almost on time.

The crew blew me away with their talent, dedication, skill, and speed. I gave them a difficult challenge, and they met it and more. Jon Malis conceived of a dolly shot that was just beautiful, on top of the brilliant things he normally does.

Jason Wicksell also worked himself ragged getting an abandoned jail looking like it was still in use. The sergeants office looked so true to life, and all the little touches were what made it a look like a real film.

Every member of the crew deserves an individual shout out for their contributions today, but I have to get some sleep before tomorrow.

I will take a minute to thank my fabulous cast. Today I learned that the old adage about working with kids is only true if you have the wrong kid.

Everybody gave me wonderful performances, and more often than not, I found myself saying “fantastic” and “I love it” at the end of the takes.

I could not be happier right now. I could talk for hours about how great everyone is. But we have the rest of the movie to shoot tomorrow, so it’s time for bed so we can get all of our night shots tomorrow.

A huge thanks to all the people who have supported the project. I think you’ll all be as proud of this film as I am.

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