Casting in Southern VA next week!

The official casting call is out for our session in Christiansburg, Virginia next week.  If you’re interested in auditioning, please email ninehourfilms at gmail dot com!


Vanessa Bradchulis is casting for Catching Up, an award winning short screenplay written and directed by Mary Ratliff in association with Nine Hour Films.

The film will be shot on location in Pulaski, VA Nov. 19-21. Lodging will be provided as well as food on set. All roles in the casting breakdown below are PAID. We are casting for several non-paid extra roles as well: prison inmates and a prison cook (female, 50-65 years old, any ethnicity).

Union and Non-union actors are invited to audition Tuesday, Nov. 2 in Christiansburg, VA at Actors Anonymous.

Please submit your H/R to Vanessa Bradchulis at to request a time slot between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., and receive sides and directions. Please state in your email three time slot preferences, the role(s) for which you are auditioning and any conflicts you have on the weekend mentioned above.

Thank you for your interest!

Vanessa Bradchulis

Casting Breakdown

“Catching Up”

A guard at the county jail has a surprise visit from his family, which could change the life of a convict and put his own daughter at risk.


Martin King, 37, any ethnicity.  A seasoned veteran of the police department, has a reputation for being tough but fair.  A doting father.

Tom Stone, 35, any ethnicity.  Puts up a front as a hardened criminal and a dangerous man, but has a hidden vulnerability.  Tom is intelligent, but also illiterate.

Little Suzanne, 5, any ethnicity.  Suzanne is fearless and interested in everything and everyone.  She is especially proud of her new reading skills.

Suzanne, 16,  any ethnicity.  As she’s gotten older, Suzanne has become a little more aware of the world but she is still a bit naïve and trusting.  She’s daddy’s little girl.

May King, mid-30s, any ethnicity.  May is Martin’s wife and Suzanne’s mother.  She is a busy mother of three.

Officer Joy Davis, mid-30s, any ethnicity.  Joy is new to the jail.  She is strong and opinionated.

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