DC Shorts Visitors: REAL Kickstarter Link!

Hello to everybody that might be visiting from the postcards that I passed out at the DC Shorts Screenwriting Competition tonight!  I’m glad that you decided to check us out.

Unfortunately for some reason the short URL that Kickstarter provided from their website is no longer working properly (I checked it last night but there are some strange things going on with it tonight).  I am extremely sorry about that and I hope that it didn’t cause you too much inconvenience.

Here is the proper link to visit to check out our Kickstarter page, the FULL url that will always work:


Please check it out, and if you enjoyed the script at the reading tonight, please consider donating!  We are only about half funded for our project at this point, and even reaching the Kickstarter goal only would cover the cost of the film stock.  Our projected budget is actually much higher, and we’re still several thousand dollars shy of it.

Which means we need your help now more than ever to make this dream come true.  So please check out the link and help us out!

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