One of my favorite holidays is coming up, Halloween!  This should come as no surprise to those of you that are familiar with my early film work.  In 2002, I started on a feature length documentary called “Watashi Wa…” which focused on cosplayers, people who wear the costumes of their favorite anime characters at conventions.  I love costuming, sewing, and all of that stuff.  That’s one of the reasons I like working for the wardrobe department when I can, why I made “Watashi Wa…” in the first place, and why I love Halloween.

I was just reading an article on Jezebel about a Target ad that pokes fun at homemade Halloween costumes.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the ad, because my mom made almost all of my costumes when I was little.  When I was older, we made them together.

Of course, my favorite is still the one pictured here.  Mom took one of Dad’s old uniforms and cut the fabric down to kid-sized and made a completely accurate Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department uniform (minus the badge and gun, obviously).  She originally made it for my brother, but kept it until I was old enough to wear it.  I wasn’t the last one to wear it either, though I’m not sure what happened to it or where it is now.

This picture is from Halloween 1988 (I believe) when I wore my uniform to the Pulaski County Halloween Parade.  It was a big hit, and a picture not too different from this one ended up on the cover of The Southwest Times.   This photo is also being incorporated into the teaser poster I’m making for “Catching Up” right now.   I think that’s a testament to the greatness of a really good homemade costume.  If I had just worn some plastic thing from Roses that year, it wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable and I certainly wouldn’t be making a movie with that costume as a central inspiration.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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