Where Does the Money Go?

Some of my wonderful donors have said they wished they could do more to help.  Trust me when I say that every little bit helps!

I thought I would explain to people exactly how that money helps, so you can see for yourself.

A $5 donation will feed a crew member lunch (and possibly breakfast) for one day of shooting.  It could purchase water to keep the crew hydrated for a day.

$10 would print all of our sides and scripts for the entire shoot.

$25 pays for an entire day of craft services (snacks, drinks, coffee, etc) for the entire crew.  Food is the engine that keeps the set going, and there’s no shoot if there’s not any good food around.

$50 will cover the rental for the wheels that go with the dolly track.

$100 will cover our set decoration and props budget.

$1,000 will cover the cost of purchasing all of the 16mm film stock for the movie, and nearly the cost of developing it as well.

$1,500 would secure the entire camera package, lens rentals, and other equipment needed to actually capture the image.  Or it would cover the costs of a best light transfer to get the film stock to the proper format for editing and post production (by far the most expensive part of the process).

There are a million other things that are necessary to actually get this picture finished.  We have to rent lights and equipment, a truck to haul it all in.  We need to not only transport key members of the cast and crew from D.C. to Pulaski, but we also need to give them housing while they’re there, and feed them.  We may have to buy costumes, we need to outfit and decorate a cell block in an abandoned jail.

I am working feverishly to get as many good deals and cheap options as I possibly can.  But there’s only so much that I can do, and the rest relies on the help of people like you to make this film a reality.

I cannot do this without you.  Please, donate today.

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