The last funding push

Okay, so it’s do or die time.  We film in just over a month, and so far the money we’ve raised with grants, personal donations, and prize money isn’t even enough to cover the budget for the camera and lighting departments.

That’s right, we still need money for food, lodging, art department, wardrobe, transportation, and all of that fun stuff.  EVERY other department still needs to be funded.

I’m not kidding around here, this movie can’t be made without more money, and so even though it’s against my nature, I’m putting my hand out and asking for it.

PLEASE donate to the film.  It is an extremely important project for many reasons.  It’s not just a signature project for me as a screenwriter and director.  This project will also hopefully be used in for educational outreach to promote a cause very close to my heart: literacy programs.  Specifically, it is in support of literacy programs in America’s prison system.

Think of all the good your one donation can do if you put it towards a project like this.  Please, donate today!

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