Coverage: Or why you want me to read your script

One of the things that I offer to anyone who donates $50 or more to my film is coverage of THEIR script.  If you donate $100 or more, then I will give you detailed notes, page by page, on your work.  Even feature length.

Why is this a good thing?

For a couple reasons: first, because that is a really good price for what I’m offering.  The average price I’ve found for professional coverage of a script is $60.  So not only are you getting a bit of a deal, but you’re not really just paying for the coverage, you’re also donating to a good cause.  It’s a win-win situation.  Detailed notes and guidance for $100?  That’s generally unheard of, I haven’t found anything similar.

The second reason is that this really is professional level coverage.  I know that you probably don’t know me, but here’s a quick rundown of why my coverage really will help make your script better:

-I am a script reader.  Over the last year I have read dozens of scripts for the production company that I work for, helping them to make decisions about which projects to pursue.

-I have been studying screenwriting format since 1998.  While some things have changed over those years, that’s ten years of experience being brought to your project.  I earned my BA in Film and Photography from Hollins University, where I also studied creative writing.  I am currently working on my MFA in Film and Electronic Media from American University where I am focused on screenwriting and directing.

-I am an award winning screenwriter.  Beyond just the accolades that “Catching Up” is receiving, I also was a quarter finalist in the 2009 Cyberspace Open scene writing contest.  If you want to look at my class work for a recommendation, I consistently receive A’s in all of my writing classes and I also received a notice of “academic distinction” in my Advanced Screenwriting Course last semester.

-I am a writer.  You would think this goes without saying, but it’s important to note.  I have been a professional reporter, I have written several novels, dozens of shorts stories, two feature scripts, and an untold number of shorts.  I have learned so much through my own writing, and through my own mistakes.  Let me make the mistakes for you!

-I also am a tutor.  For the last year I have worked with American University’s Academic Support Center to tutor students who seek help in their screenwriting courses.  I have also just begun as the teaching assistant for a graduate level screenwriting course.

-I just love helping other writers.  I feel that it is important for all writers to help their colleagues, and I make sure to apply that to my life.  I like reading other people’s work to offer encouragement and/or critique.  I love to be able to offer a suggestion to a writer that they can use to make their work better, and to be able to walk with them along the way as they make a better piece.  The only thrill that compares to writing a good story is helping someone else write a good story.

So if you have a script that you’re working on, in any stage of development, please consider letting me provide you with coverage and/or notes.  Your donation to my film does more than just purchasing coverage, it also means you are supporting a project that couldn’t be made without you.  That $50 will go a long way on our shoot, and we would really appreciate it.

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